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  • With its familiar user interface and highly intuitive features, Storyline works the way you expect. PowerPoint users will feel right at home

  • Build your slides from scratch or use a template—the choice is yours. Free slide interactions and course templates are posted to our active user community every day

  • It’s easy to add more than 47,500 combinations of characters, expressions and poses to your course—no need to hunt for art online. With just a few clicks, you can insert characters, then change their poses and expressions to meet your needs

  • Storyline grows with you. Beginners get the simplicity they need, while power users can exploit advanced features offering high levels of interactivity and customisation

Build interactivity with intuitive, easy-to-use features

  • Create interactivity with unrivaled ease using Slide Layers, Triggers, and States

  • Slide Layers make it simple to overlay objects in a slide. Instead of duplicating slides to add responses to user interaction, just build feedback layers within a single slide

  • Build interactivity using Triggers. Simply choose from a menu of easy-to-understand actions (such as “jump to slide” or “show a layer”) and designate when you want to it to occur—such as when a user clicks a certain object. Power users can combine triggers to create increasingly complex interactions

  • Give your course a dynamic feel with States, making objects react to a learner’s actions. Set a button to change colour after it’s visited, or change the expression of a character when a learner clicks the wrong object. The possibilities are endless

  • As your needs and skills grow, take advantage of advanced features for building interactivity. Using variables, for example, you can present dynamic content based on a learner’s activity and other conditions you define


Get all the e-learning authoring functionality you want - in a single, intuitive tool

  • Quizzing: We’ve combined the simplicity of form-based authoring with the flexibility of slide-based editing, making it easier than ever to create 20 different types of questions. You can also use freeform question types to build a question with any objects on the slide. The simple yet powerful quizzing tool also includes advanced functionality for power users, including question pooling, randomization, and the ability to score a learner’s progress at multiple points in the course

  • Screen recording and software simulation: Record screen activity to show learners exactly what you want them to grasp. Record your screen session once and Storyline will automatically segment your activity into multiple step-by-step tutorials. With software simulation, you can let learners watch how to do a task in View Mode, try the task in Try Mode, and assess their ability to complete the task in Test Mode

  • Drag-and-drop interactions: Creating drag-and-drop interaction has never been easier. Simply add objects to your slide, choose “drag and drop” from the menu on any slide, then assign drag items and drop targets using the form-based editor

  • Customizable player: Meet brand requirements by adjusting colours, fonts, and position of elements including the menu, buttons, and sidebar. Choose which tabs to show, add your logo, and customize the language of menu labels. Once you’ve customized your player, you can email it to other course creators to enforce brand standards

Publish to Flash, HTML5, and mobile devices

  • Build your course once, then publish it with a single click to multiple formats. View content via Flash, HTML5 or a mobile device—such as iPad—with our Articulate Player mobile app

  • Storyline offers support for right-to-left languages and has industry-leading Section 508 support


Benefit from the powerful support of the industry’s largest, most active community

  • Some of the most widely recognized thought leaders in eLearning curate the Articulate community

  • Watch tutorials geared to both casual and power users. Get practical, real-world tips, free downloads, and more

  • Participate in user discussion groups to learn about best practices, shortcuts, and tips for building the ultimate eLearning course

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