Microlearning videos for small businesses and corporates

In today’s busy working environment, modern learners want access to the knowledge they need when they need it. Our microlearning video training library helps improve your team's productivity and confidence in sales, service and leadership skills with bitesize videos!

Choose between 1-minute videos to help you learn a specific technique or the 10-minute video training modules to help you learn a complete topic that can be run in team meetings or watched by individuals. All 10-minute videos come with a workbook to help refresh and embed learning.

Whether your staff need training on closing a sale, providing great customer service or a refresher on health and safety at work, there's a microlearning course to provide the right solution for your business.

Courses to suit your needs...

  • Sales Training

    Courses to help develop your team's sales skills in a non threatening and service-based way.

  • Customer Service Training

    This customer service training will enable you to equip your team with the tools they need to ensure incredible customer satisfaction. 

  • Leadership Essentials Training

    Ensure that you have the training and skills that you need to be able to be lead your team through any situation.

  • Stress & Resilience Training

    Stress and resilience techniques are the ability to cope with and rise to the inevitable challenges, problems and setbacks. 

  • Challenging Customer Training

    In these training sessions, learn techniques to deal with difficult customers and retain them too.

  • Communication Training

    Includes using tone of voice, body language, questioning & listening skills and more to assist you in becoming an effective communicator.

  • Change Management

    In these courses, learn how to adapt to change, consider what it is that you're dissatisfied about, what you would like to change and the first steps you need to take.

  • Conflict & Negotiation

    These courses explain the processes you can follow to manage a conflict situation. Whether it's with a customer, colleague or manager. 

  • Debt Recovery

    This course shares what conflict is and how to better collaborate to get a win / win resolution.

  • Health & Safety

    This training explains some key points of employee responsibility in Health & Safety.

  • Health & Wellbeing

    From bullying in the workplace to calming a colleague or customer. These techniques can be used in a variety of situations.

  • Management

    This training provides key tips in management including business cases and return on investment.

  • Personal Development

    From accepting praise to avoiding escalations, these courses highlight some things we can all do to get the best from ourselves. 

  • Teamwork

    These training courses share some ideas on how to get the best performance from your team.

  • Time Management

    This training looks at how you can manage incoming information more effectively. We discuss the 4 'R's which will be a time-saving measure in any working environment.

  • Training & Presenting

    These courses explain the steps that you can follow to ensure your programs are hitting the mark and getting results. 

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