Microlearning Video courses for small businesses and corporates

In today’s busy working environment, modern learners want access to the knowledge they need when they need it. Our microlearning video training library helps improve your team's productivity and confidence in sales, service and leadership skills with bitesize videos!

Whether your staff need training on closing a sale, providing great customer service or a refresher on health and safety at work, there's a microlearning course to provide the right solution for your business.

Choose between 1-minute videos to help you learn a specific technique or the 10-minute video training modules to help you learn a complete topic that can be run in team meetings or watched by individuals!  All 10-minute videos come with a workbook to help refresh and embed learning.

Courses to suit your needs...

  • Sales Training

    Develop your team's sales skills in a non-threatening and service-based way.

  • Customer Services

    Equip your team with the tools to ensure incredible customer satisfaction. 

  • Leadership Essentials

    Ensure that you have the skills needed to lead your team through any situation.

  • Stress & Resilience

    Techniques to cope with and rise to challenges, problems and setbacks. 

  • Challenging Customers

    Learn techniques to deal with difficult customers and retain them too.

  • Communication Training

    Explore tone, body language & listening to become an effective communicator.

  • Conflict & Negotiation

    Learn to manage conflict, whether with a customer, colleague or manager.

  • Debt Recovery

    These key skills will help to enhance your debt collecting abilities.

  • Health & Safety

    The key points of employee responsibility in Health & Safety.

  • Health & Wellbeing

    From bullying in the workplace to calming a colleague and more.

  • Management

    Key skills in management including business cases and return on investment.

  • Personal Development

    Includes a variety of skills including; accepting praise and avoiding escalations.

  • Teamwork

    Implement practical ideas to get the best performance from your team.

  • Time Management

    Better manage incoming information and save time in any environment.

  • Training & Presenting

    Learn the steps to ensure your projects are hitting the mark and getting results. 

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Choose one or ten minute microlearning videos or mix and match to suit the needs of your teams!

Meet the eBytes! Bitesize learning for today's modern workforce

The eBytes are the colourful, friendly hosts of a variety of high impact, byte-sized learning videos covering a range of topics including governance, cybersecurity personal wellbeing and lots more! eBytes make a great addition to your onboarding programme for new employees or as a handy learning refresher on important topics! They are even great for spreading news throughout your organisation in a fun and engaging way.

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