Climate Change - An Overview

Climate change is a global concern and as time goes on, we are seeing just how vital action to combat climate change is needed, now and into the years to come.

This bright and inspiring module, taking around 50 minutes to complete, introduces learners to the meaning, basic science and global impacts of climate change and how humans are contributing to what has been up until now, a deteriorating situation. It explains the purpose of the United Nations (UN) and gives an overview of past and existing global climate policy.

Key Learning Points

After completing this module you will be able to:

  • Describe the meaning of climate change
  • Explain the global impacts of climate change and how we humans are contributing to them
  • Refer to existing global policy and the role of the United Nations

Target Audience

This set of modules are aimed at anyone, employee or company, who has an interest in expanding their climate change knowledge.

Climate Change Knowledge preview

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Looking for More?

Our Climate Change and Net Zero training library already contains 18 modules in 3 different libraries to help train your employees with engaging, up-to-date content. Take a look at our training modules on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and Sustainability & Circular Economy.

ESG and Sustainability eLearning that helps you...

  • Increase engagement with beautiful, dynamic courses

  • Help understanding of the importance of Climate Change

  • Help employees to support organisational goals

  • Help reduce your impact on the environment

  • Help build your company's green credentials

  • Help avoid unnecessary loss of reputation

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