Bitesize learning is the key to meeting the needs of the modern learning environment and the idea is simple. Instead of delivering training over a continuous course, you break it into bite-size chunks so learners can easily fit it into a vacant time slot in their busy daily schedules.

Introducing the eBytes!

They're the colourful, friendly hosts of a variety of high impact, byte-sized learning videos covering a range of topics from cybersecurity to personal wellbeing and lots more! eBytes make a great addition to your onboarding programme for new employees or as a handy learning refresher on important topics! They are even great for spreading news throughout your organisation in a fun and engaging way.

Watch our short video to find out more and meet the eBytes!

Why choose Bitesize eLearning?

  • Manageable bursts of learning

  • Engaging video content

  • Accessible on multiple devices

  • Reduces distraction

  • Increases participation

  • Higher rates of learning

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