Bitesize learning is the key to meeting the needs of the modern learning environment and the idea is simple. Instead of delivering training over a continuous course, you break it into bite-size chunks so learners can easily fit it into a vacant time slot in their busy daily schedules.

Introducing the eBytes!

They're the colourful, friendly hosts of a variety of high impact, byte-sized learning videos covering a range of topics from cybersecurity to personal wellbeing and lots more! eBytes make a great addition to your onboarding programme for new employees or as a handy learning refresher on important topics! They are even great for spreading news throughout your organisation in a fun and engaging way.

Watch our short video to find out more and meet the eBytes!

Why choose Bitesize eLearning?

  • Manageable bursts of learning

  • Engaging video content

  • Accessible on multiple devices

  • Reduces distraction

  • Increases participation

  • Higher rates of learning

Browse the eBytes


End Of The Line – How DoS attacks can disrupt networks and how social engineering targets individuals

Gone Phishin’ – Arms you with the necessary weapons to fight back against phishing attacks

In Safe Hands – Introduces you to the Security League and the superpowers they possess

Safety in Numbers – How to create strong passwords to prevent attackers from stealing your data

Think Before You Click – How to avoid getting speared into providing personal and sensitive information

Cover All Bases – How you can ensure your passwords are protected

In the Nick of Time – Introduces cyber attackers crime gang and the methods they use to commit their crimes

On Guard! – Introduces you to the murky world of system attaches, including a look at the dangers, methods of attack and how you can minimise the risks

Improving Work Performance

Do Not Disturb – How to get some peace by minimising interruptions

Own Your Email – How to minimise the distraction of emails by taking control of them

To-Do or Not To-Do – Understand the importance of ensuring tasks on your to-do list are relevant

Project Pie-orities – How to cook up a winning formula for setting priorities when managing projects

Dr Fluffy’s Plan – How to see the bigger picture and consider implications of the decisions you make

Delivery from the Past – How to plan effectively to meet your objectives

Great Monster Cake Off – How performance can be measured and what you can to do deliver

Smallblot’s Big Adventure – How to develop yourself and encourage others in the pursuit of learning

Personal Wellbeing

Rage Gauge – Explains what aggression is and lists some of its causes and consequences

Mindful Minutes – Explains what mindfulness is

Mindfulness at Work – Explains the benefits of practising mindfulness in the workplace

Keeping an Eye on Mental Health – Explains how Managers can spot the signs of mental ill-health

What is Mental Health? – Explains what mental health is

Let’s Talk about Mental Health – Enables you to talk about mental health

What is Depression? – Explains what depression is and the symptoms of it

Five Steps to Mental Wellbeing – Explains what mental wellbeing is and five steps to improve it

Working with Others

Tough Love – How to spot poor performance, manage it and live happily ever after

Get the Picture – How to inspire creativity within your team

It’s Not a Knockout – How to identify conflicts within your team and find ways to resolve them

Easy Street – The easy way to manage difficult people

On The Face Of It – Explains body language

Health & Social Care

Sharing Isn’t Always Caring – Explains how infections can spread

Safety Essentials

All By Myself – Introduces you to a lone worker and explains what lone working is

Still All By Myself – Explains who’s responsible for the health & safety of lone workers

Reducing the Risk of Fire – How to reduce the risk of fire in the workplace

Fire Evacuation – How to evacuate from a fire as safely as possible

Who’s Responsible for Fire Safety – Explains who’s responsible for fire safety in the workplace

Deciding if a Load is Safe to Handle – Explains how to decide if a load is safe to handle

The Safe Lifting Process – Explains the safe lifting process

The Cause of Slips, Trips and Falls – Outlines the causes of slips, trips and falls in the workplace

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