Sustainability and Circular Economy

What is Sustainability and Circular Economy and how is it relevant to me?

This programme provides an insight into how to incorporate sustainable practices and circular economy principles to the workplace including: energy usage, procurement and supply chains, social responsibility, business plans and stakeholder engagement. We also discuss the measuring and reporting of such sustainability performance considering for example data collection and reporting. This set of modules is geared towards UK civil service employees although the programme would suit anyone with an interest in corporate sustainability and the circular economy. UK government departments and employees alike should be aware of such strategies and opportunities.

Sustainability & Circular Economy Programme

Sustainability and Circular Economy Training Series
There are 7 bite-size modules within this Sustainability and Circular Economy series, each around 20 minutes long. Across these modules we will give you a better understanding of the three key aspects of Sustainability and Circular Economy and why they are important. We will also demonstrate how considerations are applied to organisational strategy and setting relevant policy.

Module 1 discusses sustainability and and its three pillars, and the concept of a circular economy in comparison to a linear economy
Module 2 looks at Sustainable practices in the workplace
Module 3 provides an introduction to Sustainable procurement and supply chain
Module 4 looks at Social Sustainability and Employee Wellbeing
Module 5 provides an overview of Circular Economy Business Models
Module 6 looks at engaging Stakeholders in sustainability, and
Module 7 provides an overview of Measuring and Reporting Sustainability Performance for the organisation

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We also offer comprehensive training programmes of engaging and interactive modules for ESG and Sustainability / Circular Economy. Follow the links below to find out more.

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A platform, learners love to use
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We believe that each implementation should be future-proof and continue to be relevant to the needs of your business.

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Sharon L
Sharon L
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Karen T
Karen T
IT Training Team Leader

Traineasy have been a pleasure to work with, from the initial set up of our LMS up to our most recent upgrade, which enabled our IG team to host the Data Security training module from eLearning for Health. Making this training much easier to access and monitor compliance. 

Iain W
Iain W
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Traineasy understood our requirements and had the full range of products and services we needed and the LMS we wanted. I am extremely pleased with the LMS and the service we have received and I would recommend Traineasy to anyone looking for an experienced, knowledgeable supplier.

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Sam A
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Good LMS and Appraisal Platform.
The software is easy to use and was implemented into our business with very few issues.

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