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FCA Essentials

- Anti-Bribery & Corruption
- Introduction to GDPR
- Complying with GDPR
- Anti-Money Laundering
- Conflicts of Interest (MiFID)
- Fraud Awareness
- Financial Conduct Authority
- Know Your Customer
- Introduction to Market Abuse
- Senior Managers Certification Regime
- Fraud Prevention


- A Guide to GDPR
- A Quick Guide to GDPR
- Data Protection Act 2018
- An Introduction to Alcohol Licensing
- An Introduction to Cyber Security
- GDPR Awareness
- Modern Slavery
- An Introduction to Freedom of Information
- Dealing with Requests for Information under the FOI Act
- Exemptions for Freedom of Information
- An Introduction to Information Governance
- Record Management and Data Quality
- Information Security
- The Caldicott Principles
- Information Sharing with the Police
- Bribery Act
- Money laundering
- Whistleblowing
- Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS)
- Right to Work
- Right to Work Game

Improving Work Performance

- An Introduction to Time Management
- An Overview of Performance Appraisal
- Attracting Candidates and Producing Job Advertisements
- Creating SMARTER Objectives
- Delegation
- Delivering Presentations
- Equal Opportunities in the Workplace: Recruitment & Selection
- Introduction to Meetings and Meeting Types
- Introduction to Negotiation
- Job Analysis, Job Descriptions and Person Specifications
- Negotiating Strategies 1 - Strategy Basics
- Negotiating Strategies 2 - Psychological Strategies
- Ongoing Appraisal
- Organising and Running Effective Meetings
- Preparing for Presentations
- Preparing for the Appraisal
- Shortlisting Candidates and Selection Techniques
- SMARTER Objectives for Managers
- The Appraisal Discussion
- The Importance of Setting Goals in Time Management
- The Recruitment Process - An Overview
- The Role of the Coach
- Time Management: Deciding Your Priorities
- Time Management: Managing Disruption and Keeping Focused
- Time Management: Planning and Scheduling
- Understanding and Handling Meeting Behaviour

Personal Wellbeing

- Handling Workplace Stress (RoSPA)
- Handling Violence and Aggression at Work
- Harassment and Victimisation
- Lone Worker Types and Typical Risks
- Lone Working - Hazards and Risks
- Personal Safety in Other People’s Homes and Premises
- Preventing Bullying in the Workplace (RoSPA)

Practical Safety

- An Introduction to Managing Health and Safety (RoSPA)
- An Introduction to Working at Heights (RoSPA)
- Asbestos Awareness (RoSPA)
- Asbestos Basics (RoSPA)
- CDM Regulations 2015 (Updated 2016)
- COSHH Awareness (RoSPA)
- Ionising Radiations - A Background (RoSPA)
- Ionising Radiations - Risk Control (RoSPA)
- Legionella Awareness (RoSPA)
- Managing Electrical Safety - Electrical Hazards (RoSPA)
- Managing Electrical Safety - High-Risk Hazards (RoSPA)
- Managing Electrical Safety - Inspection, Test & Maintenance (RoSPA)
- Managing Electrical Safety - Principles of Electricity and its Effects (RoSPA)
- Managing Electrical Safety - Live Overhead and Buried Power Lines (RoSPA)
- Non-ionising Radiations (RoSPA)
- Protecting the Environment at Work and Home (RoSPA)
- Risk Assessment for Managers (RoSPA)
- Staying Safe in Confined Spaces (RoSPA)
- Staying Safe with Electricity (RoSPA)
- Staying Safe with Hazardous Substances (RoSPA)
- Staying Safe with Noise (RoSPA)
- Working at Height - Scaffold and Scaffold Towers (RoSPA)
- Working at Height with Access Equipment, Ladders and Stepladders (RoSPA)
- Working at Heights Roofs and Fragile Surfaces (RoSPA)

Staying Safe with Food

- Allergic and Food Intolerant Customers (RoSPA)
- Food Safety Essentials (RoSPA)
- Food Safety in Catering


- Diversity and Equality
- Direct and Indirect Discrimination
- An Introduction to Harassment, Victimisation and Bullying
- Harassment, Victimisation and Bullying in Action Activity
- Ensuring Equality when Preparing for Recruitment
- Ensuring Equality when Advertising a Job
- Ensuring Equality in Applications and Interviews
- Maternity Leave
- Paternity and Adoption Leave
- Unpaid and Shared Parental Leave
- Sex Discrimination
- What is Disability?
- Reasonable Adjustments
- Race Discrimination
- Age Discrimination
- Sexual Orientation
- What is Religion, Belief and Non-Belief
- Religion, Belief and Non-Belief Discrimination
- Religion, Belief and Non-Belief at Work
- Gender Reassignment
- Flexible Working

Working with Others

- Nonverbal Communication
- A Background to Body Language
- Understanding Body Language
- Body Language in Interviews
- Body Language for Sales
- Listening Skills
- Barriers to Listening
- Becoming a Better Listener
- Why Questions are Important
- Using Open and Closed Questions
- Probing Questions
- Unproductive Questions

Health & Social Care

- Duty of Care
- Child Neglect and its Causes
- Understanding Your Role in Health and Social Care
- Personal Development for Workers in Health and Social Care
- Equality and Diversity in Health and Social Care
- Person-Centred Practice
- Effective Communication in Health and Social Care
- Privacy and Dignity in Health and Social Care
- Fluids, nutrition and food safety
- Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disability
- Safeguarding Adults in Health and Social Care
- Safeguarding Children in Health and Social Care
- Basic Life Support
- Health and Safety in Health and Social Care
- Handling Information in Health and Social Care
- Infection Prevention and Control

Safety Essentials

- An Introduction to Basic First Aid (RoSPA)
- An Introduction to Health & Safety at Work (RoSPA)
- Fire Prevention and Evacuation (RoSPA)
- Fire Safety and Evacuation (RoSPA)
- Fire Safety and Evacuation Refresher
- Hand Hygiene - A Guide to Effective Hand Washing (RoSPA)
- Health and Safety Induction
- Introduction to Risk Assessment (RoSPA)
- Risk Assessment for Managers (RoSPA)
- RSI - Repetitive Strain Injury (RoSPA)
- Safe Manual Handling (RoSPA)
- Safe Manual Handling Refresher
- Slips Trips and Falls (RoSPA)
- Slips, Trips and Falls Refresher
- Staying Safe with DSE – An Overview
- Staying Safe with DSE – Fixed DSE
- Staying Safe with DSE – Fixed Workstations
- Staying Safe with DSE – Mobile DSE

Staying Safe with Transport

- Driver Safety Awareness
- Managing Workplace Transport Health and Safety Risks
- Safe Working with Workplace Transport

Management Videos

- People Skills
- Performance management
- Meeting management
- Managing teams
- New management issues and skills
- How do I build trust?
- Time Management
- Job seekers

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