Sustainability and Circular Economy Module 4 - Social Sustainability and Employee Wellbeing

This programme consists of 7 modules and is designed to give users an introduction to corporate sustainability and the circular economy. The programme also provides an insight into how to incorporate sustainable practices and or circular economy principles to the workplace including in: energy usage, procurement and supply chains, social responsibility, business plans and stakeholder engagement. We also discuss the measuring and reporting of such sustainability performance considering for example data collection and reporting. This set of modules is geared towards UK civil service employees although the programme would suit anyone with an interest in corporate sustainability and the circular economy. The drive for introducing sustainable corporate practices in the workplace is only increasing; UK government departments and employees alike should be aware of such strategies and opportunities. Completing this module will give users the necessary knowledge to understand how their company aligns with these ideas.

This module will give users an insight into the types of mechanisms that help promote social sustainability and employee wellbeing. We will demonstrate the importance of positive mental health in the workplace and how this can be promoted through various mechanisms. We will also discuss the importance of inclusivity and diversity and the strategies that can be used to promote this. Lastly, we will look at the importance of social responsibility and community engagement and the strategies to promote them. This module can be completed standalone or as Module 4 of the Sustainabiliy & The Circular Economy in the Civil Service Programme.

Key Learning Points

By the end of this module, you will :

  • be able to identify how employee wellbeing and social responsibility can and should be prioritised through reinforcing positive mental health, inclusivity and diversity and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Target Audience

This set of modules are aimed at anyone, employee or company, who has an interest in expanding their climate change knowledge.

Sustainability and Circular Economy Programme Trailer

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