Fraud Awareness Training

This Fraud Prevention and Awareness Training Course covers what can be done to protect the workplace from fraud. Whether it is protecting an individual or the business as a whole, preventing fraudulent activity is vital for the ongoing success of any organisation.

This Fraud Awareness compliance training course introduces your employees to ways they can contribute to protecting the workplace from fraud including fraud prevention techniques for colleagues, customers and the wider business. 

Key Learning Points

This course will help you to:

  • Give you a background to and understanding of applicable fraud regulations
  • Help you understand the typical risks that firms face and the prevalence of fraud
  • Help you apply these concepts to your work through the use of case studies


This course has been developed for all staff, in organisations across all sectors.

Course Sample

Compliance eLearning that helps you...

  • Increase engagement with beautiful, dynamic courses

  • Improve communication between leadership and staff

  • Equip employees to do their jobs well & reach their goals

  • Detect & prevent violations of the law

  • Protect your company and its assets from illegal activity

  • Avoid scenarios such as loss of authorisation and penalties

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