How Microlearning is Keeping Businesses Ahead of the Curve 

eLearning offers many benefits to organisations and their employees but it’s Microlearning courses that have seen an increase in adoption into financial institutions overall training programs and it’s easy to see why! The strategy of taking longer content and cutting it into shorter, manageable ‘bites’ of learning has become popular with managers as it’s specifically tailored to address the skills gaps or training needs of their staff – whilst also favoured by users who can access microlearning content from their mobile devices anytime, anywhere – and learn at their own pace!

It helps that today’s modern learners are surrounded by Microlearning and absorbing it almost daily in the form of YouTube and Facebook videos, blogs and infographics and when many businesses are struggling to dedicate time and resources to employee learning and development, Microlearning modules are there, ready to be deployed and deliver training to every employee when they need it and, in a format, they are accustomed to.

Why is Microlearning Important?

The biggest benefit to implementing Microlearning is, it’s a faster, easier and more cost-effective way to upgrade the skills of your employees. It’s also designed around impact. Microlearning courses can range between one and ten minutes in length so these are highly focused chunks of learning, easy to access and meet a specific outcome. Modules can be stand-alone sessions or a series of learning aimed at different levels of experience, either way, Microlearning content wastes no time in delivering a relevant and targeted learning experience.

Why choose Microlearning?

Appealing to modern learners – Not only can Microlearning be consumed on a range of devices, it also fits the trend for self-directed, skills-based learning. This type of learning has become increasingly popular as workers put more focus into their own personal development and look for ways to improve their workplace knowledge and skills. Microlearning provides this in an engaging and accessible way.

Improved pace of learning
Because Microlearning content is delivered in bitesize chunks, employees can gain the necessary knowledge more quickly. Where traditional classroom training environments often take employees away from their desks on mass, microlearning modules deliver focused, essential training on demand so that employee have more time to spend on their work.

Increased engagement
Our Microlearning modules are modern, dynamic and feature engaging content such as video, infographics and scenarios to help keep learners focused.

Better retention
Microlearning is designed to be impactful and highly focused, so more often than not, each module covers one objective at a time. This allows learners to better understand the learning outcome that needs to be accomplished. With such targeted content, the information is easier to retain and the skills learnt, can be applied straight away!

Varied courses
Our Microlearning training library covers a wide range of topics, in fact there’s over 200 courses to choose from! Whether you’re want to improve your customer service or sales skills, cover GDPR or cybersecurity or just refresh your health and safety training, microlearning courses deliver the training you need, when you need it!

Suitable for inductions, individual or teams
Microlearning modules are a great asset for your induction programme, allowing the employee to complete focused training in a format they will enjoy. These courses are also good for team sessions for a quick group review of a specific topic or regulation and are a great way to ensure regulatory compliance is maintained.

Whilst Microlearning isn’t new, it is now one of the most popular methods of learning for both employees and businesses. It can be flexible, varied, and customised to appeal to different learning style, making learning more straightforward and enjoyable. Now it is time to act! If you have been considering a programme of Microlearning for your business why not start with browsing our Microlearning courses. We would love to help you build an effective and innovative microlearning library for your learners’ needs.