Introduction to Market Abuse

The Market Abuse Regulation establishes a common regulatory framework on insider dealing, market manipulation and measures to prevent market abuse. The laws apply to all employees, not only those engaged in front-office, client dealing or trading roles so it's important that all staff know and understand the procedures to prevent market abuse.

Our Introduction to Market Abuse compliance training course will help your employees to recognise the types of behaviour classed as market abuse and understand how to implement the practices required to comply with regulations that protect investors and the integrity of the financial market.

Key Learning Points

This course will help you to:

  • The purpose of the Market Abuse regime
  • What the different types of Market Abuse offences are
  • What your firm needs to do in order to comply with the regulations
  • The penalties for committing an offence


This course has been developed for all staff in investment organisations.

Course Sample

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